Backstage | cottweiler AW18

#LondonFashionWeekMen´s –  Cottweiler was kind enough to invite our UK fashion editor back stage at their Autumn / Winter 18 show. This season see’s Cottweiler working in industrial elements along side beautiful lux textiles in rich blue and grey tones. Were obsessed with the makeup and hair inspired by cave dwelling creatures (we were told on the day) but ultimately its a glossy gel smeared over the models ears, hand and fringes.. such a fresh and forward thinking concept. Love!

180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_325180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_022180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_029180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_043180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_055180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_060180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_061180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_065180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_066180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_084180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_087180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_089180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_109180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_126180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_134180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_155180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_173180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_186180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_190180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_199180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_203180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_230180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_234180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_254180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_288180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_327180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_337180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_365180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_395180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_406180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_433180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_467180106_ COTTWEILER_LFW_522

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