Retro-futurisim by Karl Slater x Grace Ellington

London Based photographer Karl Slater, teams up with makeup artist Grace Ellington to create “Retro-futurisim”.  A blending and possibly one of the most visually rich movie genres. The retro part is unintentional which is one of the reasons we are so fascinated by them. Alongside all the beautifully designed futuristic sci-fi there’s also these amazing undertone of 80s/ 90s references, whether it be the fashion or small things we took for granted back then. Blade Runner, which became our key reference, imagined a world with replicants (human like robots) but hilariously they were still using printed photos. The movie had many amazing references that inspired us, from the colour palette to the way all the characters were ether wet or perspiring in each scene.

Shirt, Malan Brenton,Plastic Coat, Jayne Pierson and Choker, Stylist Own.
Top, Alvin Lam, and Hat, Blitz London.
Jacket, Adidas, Blitz London.
Top, ASOS Vest, Christina Seewald and Ear Cuff, Sara Chyan.
Top, Alvin Lam and Hat, Blitz London.
Top, Blitz Remix, Blitz London and Choker, ASOS.
Shirt, Malan Brenton,Plastic Coat, Jayne Pierson and Choker, Stylist Own.
Top, ASOS and Wrap, Odella Yue.


Team Credit:

Photography: Karl Slater

Makeup and Design: Grace Ellington using  M.A.C Cosmetics and 3ina skincare Deciem

Stylist: Hannah Rose Fry

Model: Elijah Che from Nii Agency

Set Design: Karl Slater

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